Focused Business Building

We limit our investment activity to a small number of businesses to allow the focus necessary to achieve our goal of building market-leaders.

In order to build businesses, we make meaningful investments in people, new products and services, infrastructure and acquisitions. We understand and appreciate that these investments may result in a near term reduction in profitability in order to drive substantial long term value creation.

We work closely with management to support the development of each company’s strategic plan and initiatives to improve growth, profitability, operational effectiveness and, ultimately, business value.

By dedicating our resources in this way, we enable management teams to expand the scope or accelerate the time frames of their business plans. The effectiveness of this focused approach has been demonstrated through the achievement of substantial growth and improved profitability at our prior investments.

As part of this philosophy, we let business plans determine the appropriate capital structures for our investments. For this reason, we typically employ lower levels of leverage than available in the market to ensure that ample resources are in place to support the development of each business.

We are patient, long term investors.