Sector Focus

We are a specialized private equity firm that focuses our investment activity on Analytical Tools and Related Services, including providers of instrumentation, information & software, and related business services, sectors that we as a team have invested in for over 20 years.

Analytical Tools and Related Services businesses support research, product development, engineering, manufacturing, process control, quality assurance, diagnostics, marketing or other critical decision-making processes within companies across all major industries.

Instrumentation and Related

Instrumentation & Related

  • Lab instruments
  • Field instruments
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Monitoring and analysis instruments
  • Process control instruments
  • Sensors
  • Critical underlying components of instruments or devices
  • Consumables and reagents
  • Apparatus

Analytical Software

Information & Software

  • Business intelligence
  • Decision support
  • Data analytics
  • Diagnostic information
  • Market and competitive information
  • Benchmarking information
  • Media Information
  • Analytical software
  • Industry vertical software
  • Process management and logistics software
  • Predictive analytics
  • Application software

Related Business Services

  • Technology enabled business services
  • Market research, consulting and information service firms
  • Product testing and safety laboratories
  • Clinical and diagnostic testing laboratories
  • Outpatient testing and monitoring services
  • Clinical support services / core labs