Value Creation Resources

SFW is a specialized private equity firm that exclusively invests in Analytical Tools and Related Services businesses, where our team’s 20+ years of knowledge of the relevant business models, technology, competitive dynamics and service requirements gives us confidence in our ability to support management teams in growing their companies and building value.

  • Deep Strategic Expertise: From years of experience and focus, we bring deep, specialized expertise and knowledge to each business.
  • Transformational Growth: We are strategically minded, long-term investors with a history of positioning businesses for success and driving transformational long-term growth and development.
  • Management Team Support & Development: We provide extensive resources to support the growth and development of the management teams that we invest with.
  • Operational Excellence: We provide each company with access to exceptional operating and general management resources.
  • Financial Expertise: SFW team brings significant experience in corporate finance, acquisitions, and capital markets to support each of the companies we invest in.
  • Network: SFW’s professionals maintain excellent relationships in our focused sector, which provide the companies in which we invest unique resources that are unavailable to most smaller enterprises.