DZone, Inc.

DZone, Inc.

Cary, NC

DZone, Inc. (“DZone”) based in Cary, NC, is a leading platform for software developer focused technical content and a leading provider of knowledge and community management solutions for technology organizations. Founded in 2006 by Rick Ross and Matt Schmidt, DZone is organized into two complementary business units, DZone Media and AnswerHub.

DZone Media ( represents a multi-sided network, providing user generated technical content to the global software developer audience. From a rapidly growing pool of over 10,000 contributing subject matter experts, DZone aggregates thousands of pieces of technical content delivered to a rapidly growing monthly audience of over five million software developers. With content organized by relevant technology categories (“Zones”), DZone facilitates deep knowledge sharing, support and communication among a highly engaged community of software developers and leading technology vendors, including six of the top 10 largest software companies.

AnswerHub ( offers a comprehensive platform for knowledge sharing and community management designed to enable technology organizations to manage, engage and support their software developer ecosystems. With a broad range of functionality for sharing technical information, facilitating community engagement and soliciting product insights, AnswerHub is well suited to technology organizations looking to encourage the utilization of their software platforms and API libraries by external stakeholders including 3rd party developers, partners and customers. Serving many of the world’s leading technology organizations, including five of the top 20 Fortune 500 technology companies, the AnswerHub platform accommodates over 10 million individual users across hundreds of independent developer communities.

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