Charlotte, NC

AGDATA (“AGDATA” or the “Company”) is the leading provider of strategic data and analytical solutions to the world’s largest agricultural and animal health manufacturers. AGDATA assists its clients by providing sophisticated, proprietary data collection, reconciliation and market analytics capabilities and techniques throughout the U.S. and Canada. AGDATA collects and analyses data from over 9,500 retailers and distributors and supports its clients’ utilization of this data to design and execute targeted marketing programs and for channel and salesforce management. As evidence of the critical nature of this data, the information AGDATA collects and analyzes is used as the basis for the payment of over $1 billion in cash rebates each year to retailers and distributors.

In addition to these services, AGDATA provides an increasing range of industry-standard analytical information solutions, including advanced retailer data extraction, advanced data analytics and business intelligence tools, customized market research, and AgCelerate, a newly developed, proprietary industry standard solution for the management of seed and trait licenses and related grower information.

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