Mettler-Toledo International

Greifensee, Switzerland

Mettler-Toledo (NYSE: MTD) supplies various laboratory and industrial instruments and services worldwide. Mettler’s laboratory instruments include laboratory balances, pipettes, analytical instruments, automated chemistry solutions and process analytics. The company’s industrial instruments comprise industrial weighing instruments, automatic identification and data capture solutions, industrial software and product inspection devices. Mettler’s instrumentation and software solutions are critical to research, product development, inventory management, product inspection and many other business processes. Mettler serves the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, aerospace, and many other industries. The company has one of the largest global sales and service organizations in the instrumentation sector and operates in 35 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Based in Greifensee, Switzerland with global operations. Add-on acquisitions include Rainin Inc., Safeline Limited, Thorton Inc., Testut-Lutrana, Bhodan Automation, Applied Systems, Myriad Synthesizer, Berger Instruments, AVS and Softechincs, among others.