Information & Software Background:

SFW’s principals have a long history of investing in and supporting the growth of leading Information and Software businesses. While these companies serve many different end markets, there are several key themes that tie them together. They’re all deeply embedded in their customers’ workflows. They tend to be vertically focused. Several of them deploy network-based contributory information models. They all capture, manage, store, analyze, and process critical data and information, ultimately driving revenue growth and efficiency for their customers.

Select Information & Software Investment Themes:
  • Network-based Information business models
  • Vertical Market Solutions
  • Workflow automation solutions
  • SMB Software
  • DevTools and DevOps
  • Consumer, Retail and eCommerce software and analytics
Information & Software Focus Areas
Application Software
  • Vertical Market Software
  • Workflow automation software
  • Process Management & Logistics
  • Decision Support
Information Services
  • Data Services
  • Surveying Tools
  • Marketing Services
  • Product Information Management
  • Benchmarking and Competitive Information
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Analytical Software
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Diagnostic Information
Tech-enabled Business Services
  • Tech-enabled consulting
  • Niche agency services
  • Data services and analytics consulting
  • Market Research
Consumer, Food & Retail
Professional Services
Transportation - Fleet & Logistics
Technology, Media, and Telecom

Agriculture & Chemicals
Financial Services
Industrial Manufacturing and Public Infrastructure
Healthcare Providers, Biopharma, Diagnostics, and Medical Device
Satin Mirchandani
Satin Mirchandani served as the CEO of MD Buyline.
Select experience
  • CEO, FireMon
  • CEO, TractManager
  • CEO, MD Buyline
  • VP, Dell Technologies
  • Founder/CEO, MessageOne
  • McKinsey
  • Microsoft

SFW was a very strong partner for MD Buyline. Their sector expertise and business-building approach were key contributors to the successful implementation of our growth strategy, which included making substantial investments in MD Buyline’s product offering, infrastructure, and talent. The implementation of these initiatives allowed us to provide new, innovative information and analytics to our customers, substantially increase the size of our accessible market, and meaningfully accelerate revenue growth.

Satin Mirchandani