MD Buyline, Inc.
  • Status Prior Investment
  • Location Dallas, TX
  • Industry Information & Software, Industrial and Life Sciences Technology
  • Themes Vertical Specific Information Solution; Network-enabled information model
  • Investment Date February 2011
  • Exit August 2014


MD Buyline is a leading provider of evidence-based information and research for healthcare providers.

Value proposition

Helps its customers identify cost reduction opportunities for purchased services, consumables, capital and IT. Healthcare providers rely on MD Buyline's data and clinical analysts for financial and clinical insight to reach long- and short-term financial goals.


Leading healthcare systems, providers, and suppliers, including many of the top rated hospitals across the US.

Key Initiatives
  • Talent: recruited key executives across the organization
  • New Product Development: developed and launched new products such as Buyline Consumables and Buyline Purchased Services Program; enhanced features and functionality of core Buyline Capital product
  • Sales and Marketing: expanded sales and account management teams; created marketing function; implemented account segmentation strategy and entered new segments of the hospital market
  • Finance and Infrastructure: implemented new information management systems 
  • Operations: transitioned IT infrastructure to cloud-based offering

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